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Measure What Matters - Measurement Strategies for the Mobile Age

Gayathri Venkatesan Gayathri Venkatesan | Measurement Insights Lead | Facebook
Kishore Parthasarathy Kishore Parthasarathy | Head of Marketing Science for South East Asia | Facebook

In this time of constant change and disruption, technology is integral to how people communicate and how marketers do their jobs and tell stories. At Facebook, we believe a key path to marketing success and powering real business growth is through measuring what matters. But that goes far beyond traditional post-campaign measurement. It means testing what works, focusing on the outcomes that matter to your business and using the insights you've learned to inform future strategies.

Gayathri Venkatesan
Gayathri Venkatesan
Measurement Insights Lead | Facebook

Gayathri has over 10 years of experience with applying data driven techniques to marketing across Tech, Ecommerce, Finance, Manufacturing and Non-Profit industries. In her current role at Facebook, she acts as a consultant to key clients in the e-commerce and finance space on how best they can measure effectiveness of their advertising.

Aside from work, she is a proud mother of 2 girls and an avid traveler.

Kishore Parthasarathy
Kishore Parthasarathy
Head of Marketing Science for South East Asia | Facebook

Kishore currently works as Head of marketing science for South East Asia at Facebook. He has over 15 years of work experience in Data science, Digital marketing and computer science engineering. He has consulted with brand, direct response advertisers and agencies across various industries in the areas of CRM, branding, consumer connect, strategy, research, predictive modeling and advanced analytics. He has an MBA in marketing along with an engineering degree in computer science.