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Making Friends with Generative Models

Andrew Colombi Andrew Colombi | Co-Founder & CTO | Tonic

Today's organizations are experiencing a data dilemma caused by two competing forces. On the one hand, teams need ever increasing access to data to get their jobs done; on the other, security and privacy requirements are locking that data down.

This issue affects many teams across a modern company: Sales needs data to deliver compelling demos, Engineering needs data to build the next release, and Design needs data to imagine new features. In this talk we'll outline how and when to use generative models to delight your colleagues and be a data hero for your company.

Andrew Colombi
Andrew Colombi
Co-Founder & CTO | Tonic

Upon completing his PhD in Computer Science and Astrodynamics at UIUC in 2008, Andrew joined Palantir, leading the team of engineers that launched the company into the commercial sector. Later he began Palantir’s Foundry product, growing it into a keystone of the company’s offering. His extensive work in analytics across a full spectrum of industries gives him an in-depth understanding of the complex realities captured in data. He is building Tonic’s platform to reverse engineer data that parallels those realities and supply development teams with the resource-saving tools they most need.