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Like Legos, but better: An interactive workshop on the building blocks of user segmentation with reverse ETL

Kurt Steckel Kurt Steckel | Senior Customer Data Architect | Census

Building user segments and getting them into your downstream tools doesn’t have to take your marketing team’s blood, sweat, and tears. In this short interactive workshop session, Census Customer Data Architect Kurt Steckel will break down the building blocks of reverse ETL pipelines (models, entities, and segments) and show you how you can use them to build sophisticated user segments to experiment faster and more dynamically than ever before.

  • Bring your laptop to this session to take part in a real-time, interactive demo of segment activation as Kurt covers: 
  • The building blocks of reverse ETL pipelines: Models, entities, and segments 
  • The basics of syncing and automation with reverse ETL 
  • Activating dummy data for segmentation use cases in Census 

Rumor has it there may even be a prize for the first person to complete our example scenario. 👀

Kurt Steckel
Kurt Steckel
Senior Customer Data Architect | Census

Kurt Steckel is a senior customer data architect @ Census, where he applies his expert understanding of data to help 100s of companies work smarter with the modern data stack. Before his time at Census, Kurt worked as VP of Technology & Head of Data at Propeller Industries, plus served as a consultant for numerous Fortune 500 and public companies including The World Bank/International Finance Corporation, Merck & Co, Verizon Wireless, and American Electric Power. He also founded Bison Analytics (acquired by Propeller Industries), which provided enterprise-level data infrastructure and business intelligence. As part of Bison Analytics, he and his team developed the Bison System (focused on the QuickBooks database) creating a fully customizable environment for data visualization for executive teams.

Kurt received his MBA in international business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is based in Pennsylvania with his wife Amy and their children and enjoys exploring the outdoors.