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Latency is the Mind Killer: it’s Time to Reimagine Data Interactions

David Wilson David Wilson | Founder & CEO | Hunch

Billions spent on data have one goal: better decisions, faster. Yet, with most tools echoing Tableau and Excel, are we really unlocking data's potential? What might a more productive—and playful—data experience look like?

Hunch is crafting an ambitious user interface for data that's more visual, spatial, and fluid—a shared canvas for both analysts and business users to make faster decisions together. Join us as we discuss why it’s time to reimagine how we engage with data, and our journey exploring the ideas that led us here, and why some work better than others. We'll delve into our core data interactions, examining the toughest challenges and how we’re solving them with design and engineering.

David Wilson
David Wilson
Founder & CEO | Hunch

Starting in management consulting, David worked with large datasets for companies across Africa and the Middle East. His design journey began earlier, in high school, learning 3D design to mod video games alongside future co-founder Ross. His design interests grew to include usability design, data visualization, and cartography, leading to a featured map in Phaidon’s “Maps” book.
David co-founded Cape Networks, combining his data and design experience to craft a SaaS tool that helped non-experts make sense of complex networking data. Aruba Networks acquired Cape to be the face of their cloud software portfolio.
Drawing from his experience at Cape, David co-founded Hunch—a data tool he’s dreamed of since his consulting days.