Kubernetes as a Streaming Data Platform: A Federated Operator Approach

Gerard Maas, Principal Engineer | Lightbend

Kubernetes has become the de-facto platform for running containerized workloads on a cluster. Its native abstractions let us deploy and manage individual distributed applications and services.

In contrast, streaming applications require the coordinated deployment of different components such as topics, storage, and application runtimes that need to work in unison.

In this talk, we are going to discuss how to use Kubernetes Operators to manage this complexity. In particular, we will see: - How to use the Kafka Operator to create and manage topics - How to use the Spark Operator to deploy and manage Spark Structured Streaming applications - How a custom operator can harness Kubernetes resources and other operators to implement the particular infrastructural requirements of our applications.

We will share our experience building an operator for streaming data pipelines using Scala and show how this all works together in real life.



Gerard Maas

Principal Engineer | Lightbend

Gerard Maas is a Principal Engineer at Lightbend, where he works on the seamless integration of Structured Streaming and other scalable stream processing technologies into the Lightbend Platform.

Gerard Maas