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Issue with Tracking? Fail That Build!

Steve Coppin-Smith Steve Coppin-Smith | Head of Engineering | Snowplow Analytics

Your analytics strategy must be a primary citizen of the software delivery process in order to become a truly data driven business. Successfully collecting valid events is a solved problem, but were they an accurate representation of the customer journey? Data and software delivery teams need to collaborate effectively on the definition of this journey.

Better still, they would document it in code and assert that any feature meets these requirements before being shipped to production. We've been exploring ways to enable this process and aim to provide a compelling case to take back to your product delivery teams. This talk will include a live demo of extending the Nightwatch automated testing framework to uncover and resolve issues in tracking code that could have otherwise hit production.

Steve Coppin-Smith
Steve Coppin-Smith
Head of Engineering | Snowplow Analytics

Steve Coppin-Smith is Head of Engineering at Snowplow Analytics. He supports a growing team of data, site reliability and product engineers in delivering an enterprise-grade, open-source data collection platform. Before entering the world of data, Steve held positions as engineer and product manager in teams across various sizes and sectors.