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From Water Purification to Science Documentaries: Industrial Applications of AI, High Performance Computing, and Data Visualization

Fernando Cucchietti Fernando Cucchietti | Head of Data Analytics and Visualization | Barcelona Supercomputing Center

I will walk through three of our latest projects to talk about our end-to-end approach to creating data products applied to different industries, how we mix an academic environment with industry requirements, and the possibilities and difficulties that open up when working in a highly interdisciplinary team.

Additional video: "Pipeline Embolization Device: Visualization of the blood flow on an aneurysm"

Fernando Cucchietti
Fernando Cucchietti
Head of Data Analytics and Visualization | Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Fernando Cucchietti leads the Data Visualization and Analytics Group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). He holds a PhD in quantum computing, and his work focuses on scientific data visualization (data heavy graphical interfaces, images, and videos), and data science applied to industrial problems (machine learning and artificial intelligence). He also works with the team on science dissemination, creating video documentaries and interactive data visualizations that explain the science done at BSC. Fernando is also the Chief Data Officer at Mitiga Solutions, working to extract value and insights from data for the air transport industries.