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How to Make Marketing Fall In Love with Data Modeling

Meredith Adler Meredith Adler | Data Advocate / Data Engineer | Hightouch
Erik Edelmann Erik Edelmann | Data + Advocacy | Hightouch

Companies like Spotify and Grammarly dominate their competition with hugely successful customer engagement campaigns. Spotify Wrapped generated over 400 million tweets in the first three days of its 2022 campaign. Grammarly Insights sends users a sharable weekly ranking with fun badges and stats about how they used the product. Have you ever wondered what it takes to run these powerful campaigns successfully? In this talk, Erik and Meredith will demo the campaign they built at Hightouch. They will cover how the team modeled the data, validated the results, and created a reusable process to support future marketing campaigns.

Meredith Adler
Meredith Adler
Data Advocate / Data Engineer | Hightouch

Meredith is an experienced developer and engineer with a diverse data management and architecture background. She is currently an Engineer/Advocate at Hightouch, the Data Activation company, where she spends her time engaging with the data community to share knowledge and move the industry forward. She is passionate about helping data teams build scalable, high-quality solutions and has served in roles at Brooklyn Data Company, Hudl, and as an independent consultant.

Erik Edelmann
Erik Edelmann
Data + Advocacy | Hightouch

Erik has experienced and enjoyed many roles in data, having been both an engineer and a leader at startups like Vendr and WeWork. He also had the chance to see many different problems and solutions (and meet many practitioners and leaders) at a wide variety of organizations in his time as a manager at boutique data consultancy, DAS42, as well as in his own independent consulting work. He now works as an Engineer/Advocate at Hightouch, the Data Activation company, where he has the privilege of talking the talk with members of the Data Community who walk the walk every day.