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How to do Segmentation Right - A Practical Guide for Data Scientists

Ruben Kogel Ruben Kogel | Director of Data Science | VSCO

User Researchers and Marketers typically use surveys or interviews to probe users intentions and identify user groups while data analysts can make use of vast amounts of behavior data to cluster users into segments. But blindly applying textbook clustering methods can produce woefully bad results. We will illustrate how to avoid those pitfalls and produce meaningful segments, by walking through a real-world exercise taken from VSCO's user base.

Ruben Kogel
Ruben Kogel
Director of Data Science | VSCO

Ruben is currently the director of data science as VSCO where he focuses on building the data function at VSCO and establishing rigorous Product Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Growth Analytics practice. our goal is to provide timely, reliable, and relevant insights that inform business decisions.