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How to Be a 10x Analyst

Robert Yi Robert Yi | Chief Product Officer | Hyperquery

There's a tendency of analytics folks to heavily over-index on technical prowess. Shiny object syndrome draws us from technology to technology, technique to technique, and we forget that analytics is fundamentally not a technical profession. We are a domain in which excellence is predicated on our ability to translate, consult, advise the business with data-driven intelligence. We've gone too far into the engineering world, and lost the spirit of business *intelligence*. In this talk, I'll talk through how we can get it back. Let's define once and for all what a 10x analyst looks like, and spoiler alert: your query optimization ninjitsu doesn't make the cut.

Robert Yi
Robert Yi
Chief Product Officer | Hyperquery

Robert Yi is a Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Hyperquery, a new kind of data notebook for teams. Previously, he spent time at Airbnb and Wayfair, working across a wide range of projects in data science, product analytics, and open-source. Before that, he earned his Ph.D. in geophysics from MIT and his bachelor's in physics from Harvard. Find him on Twitter: @imrobertyi.