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Data Discovery: Getting More From Your Metadata

Shinji Kim Shinji Kim | Founder & CEO | Select Star

When you have hundreds or thousands of tables and dashboards, cataloguing all the data so your teams can leverage it is a daunting task. This talk explains what data discovery means, and how it can supercharge your data team. We’ll also dive into how Select Star uses system metadata and logs to help you achieve data discovery. With the right approach to data discovery, you can instantly answer questions like “what are the most used tables & dashboards in the company?”, “What data assets can you deprecate?”, “How is this table built and used by other analysts?” and “which dashboards break if you change this column?”.

Shinji Kim
Shinji Kim
Founder & CEO | Select Star

Shinji is the Founder & CEO of Select Star, an automated data discovery platform that helps you understand your data. Previously, she was the CEO of Concord Systems (, a NYC-based data infrastructure startup acquired by Akamai Technologies in 2016. She led building Akamai’s new IoT data platform for real-time messaging, log processing, and edge computing. Prior to Concord, Shinji was the first Product Manager hired at Yieldmo, where she led the Ad Format Lab, A/B testing, and yield optimization. Before Yieldmo, she was analyzing data and building enterprise applications at Deloitte Consulting, Facebook, Sun Microsystems, and Barclays Capital. Shinji studied Software Engineering at University of Waterloo and General Management at Stanford GSB. She advises early stage startups on product strategy, customer development, and company building.