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How 200+ Leaders Made Business Data Work Harder

Jesika Haria Jesika Haria | Co-founder and CEO | LogicLoop

In this talk, we reveal how 200+ leaders at Square, Stripe, Airbnb, Oscar, Uber, Grab, Pinterest, DoorDash etc. made data actionable. We present a framework for when and how to best consume business data: dashboards, alerts, reports and tickets, etc. Lastly, we share best practices and industry-specific architectures of how you can set up a good self-managing system for operational excellence.

Jesika Haria
Jesika Haria
Co-founder and CEO | LogicLoop

Jesika founded LogicLoop to make data work harder than people. They help operations teams move 10-100x faster, by triggering alerts and workflows on business data without waiting for engineers. She helped build Google Cloud's Dataprep (Trifacta), used by 100,000s analysts worldwide, and top 10 banks to automate lending. She likes doing good with data at DataKind, and enjoys dancing and burritos, sometimes together.