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Hot Takes and Tragic Mistakes: How (not) to Integrate Data People in Your App Dev Team Workflows

Noelle Saldana Noelle Saldana | Director of Product Management, Data Science & Analytics |

Everyone wants to create new products with AI/ML inside, but you need to integrate your data scientists and data engineers into traditional development teams to do that. But what exactly do they do, and where in the process do they fit? Does their work entirely fall under software engineering, product, or something else? Are you even ready for AI/ML? Has anyone figured this out? 

As a data-scientist-turned-product person, I'll share my observations and opinions on how companies should (and shouldn't) use their data people. Learn from my hot takes and tragic mistakes to do it the right way the first time. 

Noelle Saldana
Noelle Saldana
Director of Product Management, Data Science & Analytics | 

Noelle has fifteen years of Data Science experience and is passionate about the value data brings to both products and decision-making. She has led Data Science initiatives at companies across multiple industry verticals, ranging from early startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Her recent focus has been the intersection of product and data strategy; instrumenting data and eliminating data technical debt to enable robust Data Science and Product Analytics downstream.