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Hot or Not? Trends & Buzzwords in Data

Barry McCardel Barry McCardel | Co-Founder & CEO | Hex
Julia Schottenstein Julia Schottenstein | Product | dbt Labs
Pedram Navid Pedram Navid | Founder | West Marin Data
Drew Banin Drew Banin | Co-founder | dbt Labs

Barry McCardel welcomes panelists from DBT Labs, Hex and West Marin Data to discuss what data trends they are most excited about. 

We talk about the world of streaming, data teams doing more with less, data meshes, innovations in different kids of SQL 
plus more!

Barry McCardel
Barry McCardel
Co-Founder & CEO | Hex

Barry McCardel is the CEO and co-founder of Hex.
He had previously worked at TrialSpark as a Senior Director, Operations & Strategy and at Palantir Technologies where he led teams at the intersection of product development and real-world impact.

Julia Schottenstein
Julia Schottenstein
Product | dbt Labs

Julia Schottenstein is the Product Manager at DBT Labs. Prior to this, she worked in Venture Capital as a Principal at NEA. 

Pedram Navid
Pedram Navid
Founder | West Marin Data

Pedram Navid is the Founder of West Marin Data. In his role he helps startups implement their data stack. He also supports them with product, marketing and community-building.

Drew Banin
Drew Banin
Co-founder | dbt Labs

Drew Banin has built event collection systems that scaled to billions of events per month, implemented Markov-based marketing attribution models on millions of dollars of marketing spend, and dreams in NetworkX graphs.