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Getting Real(-Time): When to move from Batch to Streaming (and how to do it without hiring an entirely new team)

Zander Matheson Zander Matheson | CEO | Bytewax

With more and more demand for data pipelines and applications to go real-time it can get overwhelming. This talk demystifies the when, why, and how of moving from batch processing to real-time/stream processing. We will look at arguments for and against stream processing, common architectures, common pitfalls, and open source tools used.

Zander Matheson
Zander Matheson
CEO | Bytewax

Zander is the founder and CEO of Bytewax, an open source software company focused on enabling more developers to work with streaming data. Before starting Bytewax he worked on data infrastructure and data science at GitHub and Heroku. Zander lives in Santa Cruz and likes to escape into the ocean or the forest when not at his computer.