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Future of Data Science

Marc Ferradou Marc Ferradou | Senior Director of Data Science | CNN

This track is focused on the cutting edge of data science. Stretch your brain with talks on the speculative side of the spectrum that represent the new future of data science and machine learning. This track will also cover topics such as NLP and unsupervised deep learning as well as potential applications in predicting user behavior or building knowledge graphs.

The goal of this track is to share lessons from past attempts to use new technologies, to encourage the diffusion of technology from academic research into industry, and to provide inspirational examples of the creative application of research toward creating the technologies of our future. This track is for anyone looking for inspiration to innovate in product development by applying new research, and is interested in listening to an occasional academic-level research talk.

Marc Ferradou
Marc Ferradou
Senior Director of Data Science | CNN

Marc Ferradou is a Senior Director of Data Science at CNN, where he is working on multiple machine learning projects such as creating a recommender system for a top 100 American website, creating an anomaly tool for billions of datasets, and various other internal-facing tools to power CNN worldwide publisher abilities.

Previous to that he was a lead data Scientist at BuzzFeed leading's as well as the Buzzfeed app's data science initiatives.
He holds a master degree in computer science from Polytech Grenoble as well as an MBA from SUNY New Paltz.