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Experiencing Data as Code with Dremio Arctic and Apache Iceberg

Alex Merced Alex Merced | Developer Advocate | Dremio

In this workshop, Dremio Developer Advocate, Alex Merced will demonstrate how you can isolate and version control your workloads from Dremio Sonar and Apache Spark when using the Dremio Arctic catalog to enable the Data as Code paradigm on your Iceberg tables.

In this talk we'll see examples of:

  • ingesting data into a branch
  • running audits from multiple tools
  • rolling back mistakes
  • executing multi-table transaction
  • merging your changes back into production

Alex Merced
Alex Merced
Developer Advocate | Dremio

Alex Merced is a developer advocate for Dremio and has worked as a developer and instructor for companies like GenEd Systems, Crossfield Digital, CampusGuard and General Assembly. Alex is passionate about technology and has put out tech content on outlets such as blogs, videos and his podcasts Datanation and Web Dev 101. Alex Merced has contributed a variety of libraries in the Javascript & Python worlds including SencilloDB, CoquitoJS, dremio-simple-query and more.