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Evolving AI Laws and the Imperative to Build Safe, Compliant, and Risk-proof AI

Ayush Patel Ayush Patel | Founder | Censius

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in its evolutionary journey worldwide. In October 2022,
the US released its ‘Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights’ which outlines principles for businesses and
developers regarding the equitable use and access of AI systems. For AI-led companies, it is now
crucial to be in the know of recent regulations to realign AI systems, and overcome unwanted inequities
and harmful biases; so as to meet the criteria for trustworthiness and achieve Responsible AI (RAI).

There are five guiding principles in the blueprint which guide the design, usage, and implementation of
autonomous systems. They aim to create a meaningful impact on rights, opportunities, or access to
critical resources and services; ensure the data privacy of the impacted user as well as establish safe,
effective, and algorithmic discrimination-free systems. Furthermore, human intervention for adverse or
high-risk decisions is advised by charting a pathway for developers and deployers to leverage AI
explainability. However, despite the heightened bar around AI adoption, C-level executives and AI
experts are still far behind when it comes to enforcing RAI. According to the MIT Sloan Management
Review, 79% of companies said their RAI implementations were limited in scale and scope.

Join this session as Censius experts discuss how new AI regulations encourage bridging the gap
toward Responsible AI. Learn the five principles laid down by the US’ AI Bill of Rights and find out how
to become more admissible as per the new regulations. Discover how modern AI monitoring,
explainability, compliance, and model fairness tools can help risk-proof and build market-friendly
solutions to yield tangible business results.

Key Takeaways:
● Imperatives of the US AI Bill of Rights for technology leaders and practitioners
● Best practices to become more admissible to the five principles in the governance of AI
● Keys to building Responsible AI with monitoring, explainability, fairness, and compliance tools
to minimize risk

Ayush Patel
Ayush Patel
Founder | Censius

Ayush is the CEO and founder of Censius, an AI Observability platform that helps to improve AI models' real-world performance. Prior to Censius, he worked at top organizations such as PayPal and Yahoo across management and engineering positions. As a seasoned professional, Ayush has worked with customers across industry verticals alongside AI teams and is a strong advocate of Responsible AI. He is now focused on helping businesses scale by solving complex challenges in AI development and incorporating AI models into production successfully.