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The things I wish I knew -- What I've gotten right and wrong from startups to the White House, and the world ahead

DJ Patil DJ Patil | Former U.S Chief Data Scientist |

Thursday, March 30th @ 9:00 am 

It's been a decade since we've published our Harvard Business Review (HBR) article Data Scientist the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century. It's one of the 100 most downloaded articles in the history of HBR and shows how far we've come in a decade. In that decade from building companies to the White House, to leading the COVID response, I'll share my key lessons I wish I knew a decade ago. 

DJ Patil
DJ Patil
Former U.S Chief Data Scientist | 

DJ Patil is an entrepreneur, investor, scientist, and leader in public policy. He has held senior roles in industry, academia, and government and his work has been featured in two Michael Lewis books (The Fifth Risk and Premonition). As a General Partner at GreatPoint Ventures he focuses on building companies in healthcare, enterprise technologies, and national security.