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Designing and Building Metric Trees

Abhi Sivasailam  Abhi Sivasailam | Founder & CEO | Levers Labs

Metrics are the most important primitive in the data world and driving the use of powerful and reliable metrics is the best way data teams can add value to their enterprises. In this talk, we'll walk through how data teams can best support the metric lifecycle, end-to-end from:

1. Designing useful metrics as part of metric trees
2. Developing these metrics off stable and standard data contracts
3. Operationalizing metrics to drive value

Abhi Sivasailam
Abhi Sivasailam
Founder & CEO | Levers Labs

Abhi is a Growth and Analytics leader who most recently led Product-Led Growth, Product Analytics, and Analytics Engineering at Flexport, where he helped to lead these and other functions through 10x growth over the past 3 years. Previously, Abhi led growth and data teams at Keap, Hustle, and Honeybook. Abhi is an active advisor and investor in the martech and data tech spaces and his unsolicited musings can be found on twitter @_abhisivasailam