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DBT: Powerful, Open Source Data Transformations

Connor McArthur Connor McArthur | Co-founder & Data Engineer | Fishtown Analytics / DBT

Fishtown Analytics works with companies like Casper, Invision, Away Travel, and many more to help them build out effective analytics practices. These companies have complex data sets that are best understood by their analysts and business users (not their engineers!). To empower these users, the team at Fishtown Analytics has built dbt, an open source data transformation and democratization tool. It allows analysts and other non-engineers to write data transformations, while giving data engineers the ability to govern the process and ensure data quality. In this talk, we'll explore the key practices that make this setup work, including continuous integration, data lineage, quality testing, and documentation.

Connor McArthur
Connor McArthur
Co-founder & Data Engineer | Fishtown Analytics / DBT

Connor is a co-founder and resident Data Engineer at Fishtown Analytics, where he is developing open source tools to empower data engineers and analysts. In a past life, he engineered and maintained multi-tenant, petabyte-scale data pipelines which power analytics for hundreds of data-savvy internet companies.