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DataOps for Business Intelligence: How "Dashboards as Code" Can Help You Develop and Validate Your Analytics

Dan Eisenberg Dan Eisenberg | VP of Technology | Hashboard (formerly Glean)

Building effective dashboards involves unique challenges. It is highly interdisciplinary, often involving end user feedback at every stage of the process. Dashboards sit at the end of a long chain of ever-changing data dependencies. And, it is a very visual process – it is hard to tell if a dashboard is correct without an end user looking at the rendered result. This all adds up to a development process that can be slow and error-prone.

“DataOps” is a new set of code-based patterns and practices that aim to address these challenges. In this talk I’ll do a deep dive on these approaches and demonstrate some ways we’ve integrated DataOps into the BI development lifecycle at Hashboard (formerly Glean).

Dan Eisenberg
Dan Eisenberg
VP of Technology | Hashboard (formerly Glean)

Dan is the VP of Technology at Hashboard (formerly, a platform for data visualization and collaboration. Prior to Hashboard, he was a Senior Director of Engineering at Flatiron Health, where his teams designed and built systems for abstracting data from unstructured medical records at scale. He previously built analytics products at Google and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.