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Data Science: Past, Present, Future

Jennifer Prendki Jennifer Prendki | Founder & CEO | Alectio
Omoju Miller Omoju Miller | Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning | Github
Shubha Nabar Shubha Nabar | Senior Director, Data Science | Salesforce
Jocelyn Goldfein Jocelyn Goldfein | Managing Director | Zetta

Now is surely an exciting time for data science. New developments in machine learning and AI have opened new product directions. Previously unreachable silos of data are coming online via new innovations. There are even more changes on the horizon with new European data regulation, the growth of conversational AI, computer vision advances, and constant improvements in cloud technologies and machine learning services.

For our opening keynote at DataEngConf SF, please join us for a lively conversation with data experts with deep experience at top technology companies. Hear insights our panelists have gleaned as data practitioners and leaders over the past decade as we ponder the future of data science and what it means for product development, corporate culture and team organization.

Jennifer Prendki
Jennifer Prendki
Founder & CEO | Alectio

Jennifer Prendki is the founder and CEO of Alectio. The company is the direct product of her beliefs that good models can only be built with good data, and that the brute force approach that consists in blindly using ever larger training sets is the reason why the barrier to entry into AI is so high. Prior to starting Alectio, Jennifer was the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight, the company that pioneered data labeling, Chief Data Scientist at Atlassian and Senior Manager of Data Science in the Search team at Walmart Labs. She has spent most of her career creating a data-driven culture wherever she went, succeeding in sometimes highly skeptical environments. She is particularly skilled at building and scaling high-performance machine learning teams and is known for enjoying a good challenge. Trained as a particle physicist (she holds a PhD in particle physics from Sorbonne University), she likes to use her analytical mind not only when building complex models but also as part of her leadership philosophy. She is pragmatic yet detail oriented. Jennifer also takes great pleasure in addressing both technical and nontechnical audiences alike at conferences and seminars and is passionate about attracting more women to careers in STEM.

Omoju Miller
Omoju Miller
Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning | Github

Omoju Miller is a Senior Machine Learning Data Scientist with Github. She has over a decade of experience in computational intelligence. She has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. Apart from her work in AI, she has co-led the non-profit investment in Computer Science Education for Google and served as a volunteer advisor to the Obama administration’s White House Presidential Innovation Fellows. She is considered one of the folks to watch, as part of Bloomberg’s Beta Future Founders program. She is a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network in AI.

Shubha Nabar
Shubha Nabar
Senior Director, Data Science | Salesforce

Shubha is a Senior Director, Data Science at Salesforce Einstein

Jocelyn Goldfein
Jocelyn Goldfein
Managing Director | Zetta

Ex-Facebook Engineering Director Jocelyn Goldfein is a freelance angel investor, startup advisor, and industry spokesperson. Learn more at http://www.jocelyngoldfein.comAt Facebook, she led new product development for News Feed and Photos before taking point on executing Facebook's pivot to native mobile app development.Before Facebook, she was an early VMware engineer who helped drive its hypergrowth into an industry titan. She co-founded Datify and was an early employee at MessageOne and Trilogy/pcOrder. Jocelyn studied Computer Science at Stanford University.