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Data Science in the Enterprise

Sean Anderson Sean Anderson | Head of Product Marketing | Vectara

Data Science and machine learning are unlocking new value in our data. A quickly evolving ecosystem of powerful open-source tools coupled with big data systems like Apache Hadoop can drive better model accuracy and deliver more strategic analytic capabilities. However today, most data science teams work away from the Hadoop cluster, often on their laptops or in data silos. This limits the data that can be used in data science research and creates operational overhead and gaps in security.

In this talk, Sean will provide background and a demo of the Data Science Workbench. He'll introduce an enterprise data science platform that accelerates analytics projects from exploration to production. Sean will explore why collaborative, customizable, self-service access is critical for data scientists to secure Hadoop environments via Python, R, and Scala.

Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson
Head of Product Marketing | Vectara

Sean is a tenured infrastructure scaling and cloud strategy consultant with a strong focus on strategic partnerships and innovative hybrid technology. He has been a part of integral shifts in technology including the rise of cloud computing, open source standardization, and big data. Sean quickly became a go-to resource and speaker for data specific workloads focusing on technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, SQL, and Data Warehousing. At Rackspace Hosting, Sean helped build and launch open-source cloud platforms around Hadoop, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Redis. Sean was previously marketing manager for IT Solutions at Cloudera; the pioneers of Apache Hadoop, and is now the Head of Product Marketing at Vectara.