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Data Products Aren't Just for Data Teams!

Katie Hindson Katie Hindson | Head of Product & Data | Lightdash

Building data tools requires us to not only think about the data team, but also about the people that the data team is serving: business users, or "non-data team people". 
I want to talk about how it's super important to consider these two personas when building data tools, but it can also be a bit complicated. I'll talk through a few principles we can use to build data products that are great for everyone (not just the data team!)

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Katie Hindson
Katie Hindson
Head of Product & Data | Lightdash

As a product manager with a background in data science, Katie loves building data products. Currently, she's working at Lightdash, an open-source BI tool that instantly turns your dbt project into a full-stack BI platform. Katie is really interested in the interaction between data teams, their tools, and the rest of the company - because the best data teams are the ones that can help everyone at the company make better decisions, faster.