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Data Product Success: Aligning with Data's Core Purpose - A Framework for Data Product Management for Increasing Adoption & User Love

Rick Saporta Rick Saporta | SVP of Data | Entera

How do you make data products that customers genuinely love? Why are some products on everyone's mind while others are forgotten? Why do so many seemingly great data products never get used, and why is this even more prevalent in data science than in other areas of data?

During this talk, we'll make the argument that by aligning your product with data's core purpose, you increase adoption of your product and accelerate growth. We'll propose a framework for Data Product Management that ensures this vital alignment is consistently held while catalyzing development and shortening time-to-outcome. Along the way, we will show how to best structure your company's data org based on your current stage of growth in pursuit of improving the delivery of data products and enhancing outcomes for customers/end-users.

With the foundation in place, we will share lessons from real-world examples. We will examine each category of data products, illustrating how to handle each of their unique needs to make certain that the products you build get used, talked about, and adored.

Rick Saporta
Rick Saporta
SVP of Data | Entera

Ricky Saporta is passionate how people learn to make great decisions. A builder of data teams, Ricky is currently serving as SVP of Data at Entera. He spent the prior four years at The Farmer's Dog as Head of Data Strategy and Insights alternating between leading the company's multiple data functions and rolling on the floor with every dog in the office. Prior to TFD, Ricky spent several years in the music industry leading the data teams first at The Orchard (acquired by Sony) and then at video and audio distributor Vydia. Ricky is a native of Uruguay and, currently, a resident of New Jersey. You can find him online @ricksaporta or out in the world, often with a camera in hand, anywhere there is music, dogs, or mountains.