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Data for the 99%

Benn Stancil Benn Stancil | Field CTO | ThoughtSpot

Leading tech companies like Facebook and Airbnb are building tools to solve problems at the bleeding edge of the data ecosystem. The complexity and scale of these problems are not typical, even at most tech companies. The vast majority struggle with far more fundamental challenges around logging, processing, moving, and analyzing data. This talk will outline the the problems this "silent majority" of tech companies face, and survey how a new stack of data tools is helping them quickly build impressive data infrastructures from the ground up.

Benn Stancil
Benn Stancil
Field CTO | ThoughtSpot

Benn Stancil is ThoughtSpot’s Field CTO. He joined ThoughtSpot in 2023 as part of its acquisition of Mode, where he was a cofounder and CTO. While at Mode, Benn held roles leading Mode’s data, product, marketing, and executive teams. He regularly writes about data and technology at Prior to founding Mode, Benn worked on analytics teams at Microsoft and Yammer.