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Data Contracts: Accountable Data Quality

Chad Sanderson Chad Sanderson | CEO |

Data Contracts are a mechanism for driving accountability and data ownership between producers and consumers. Contracts are used to ensure production-grade data pipelines are treated as part of the product and have clear SLAs and ownership. Chad Sanderson, former Head of Data at Convoy has implemented Data Contracts at scale on everything from Machine Learning models to Embedded Metrics. In this talk, Chad will dive into the why, when, and how of Data Contracts, covering the spectrum from culture change to implementation details.

Chad Sanderson
Chad Sanderson

Chad Sanderson is passionate about data quality, and fixing the muddy relationship between data producers and consumers. He is a former Head of Data at Convoy, a LinkedIn writer, and a published author. He lives in Seattle, Washington, and is the Chief Operator of the Data Quality Camp. He is currently the CEO & Co-Founder of Gable, a collaboration, communication, and change management platform for data teams operating at scale.