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Data at Startups Panel

Sumukh Avadhani Sumukh Avadhani | CTO & Co-Founder | Pencil AI
Avni Agrawal Avni Agrawal | Co-Founder | SixSense
Aron Pettersson Aron Pettersson | CTO & Co-Founder | Musiio
Ben Reinhardt Ben Reinhardt | Entrepreneur-in-Residence | Entrepreneur First

This panel takes a closer look at what it means to be an early-stage deep tech company dealing with data, from the perspective of 3 AI-centered startups that took part in Entrepreneur First's Singapore program. The panel's moderator is Entrepreneur First's EIR Ben Reinhardt, with Singapore alumni Avni Agrawal, Sumukh Avadhani and Aron Pettersson as panelists.

It will briefly discuss general aspects of building a deep tech company and doing so in Singapore, before taking a deep dive into the technical side, with panelists discussing these questions:

- What tools do you use?

- What does your data pipeline actually look like?

- Metadata and future-proofing your data: how do you do it?

- How do you balance algorithm error rates and customer experience?

- Synthetic data and simulations

- when do you use them, when not, and why?

Sumukh Avadhani
Sumukh Avadhani
CTO & Co-Founder | Pencil AI

Sumukh has a vast amount of industry experience as a machine learning specialist with expertise in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Image Processing. He has most recently worked at Google in the anti-abuse engineering team, fighting spam and fraud across multiple Google products. Past stints include roles such as Manager of Infrastructure and Analytics at Kaybus (now Prysm) involved in large-scale stream data processing, infrastructure deployment, and security. At Toshiba, he worked in a team focused on pedestrian detection for autonomous car platform OEMs. Prior to that, at Samsung, he was part of the Advanced Multimedia Team where machine learning and image processing algorithms were used to transform images into videos mimicking human-style paint rendering. Sumukh graduated from King's College London with a Masters in Signal Processing.

Avni Agrawal
Avni Agrawal
Co-Founder | SixSense

Avni is the co-founder of SixSense, a start-up targeting the billion-dollar manufacturing industry. They use AI, Machine Learning and IoT analytics to predict defects and enable a future of smart manufacturing. She has majored in Computer Science Engineering and has worked in data science teams at leading multinational financial firms such as Visa and D.E. Shaw. With her extensive experience in Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning in the finance industry, she is now determined to disrupt manufacturing using the power of AI.

Aron Pettersson
Aron Pettersson
CTO & Co-Founder | Musiio

Aron's interest and involvement in AI started 15 years ago. After studying Machine Learning and Neural Networks at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he went on to create an award-winning multiplayer game with over half a million users. He also taught a team of AI's to collaboratively beat a human player at Quake 2. He is passionate about developing AI which solves problems that humans could not address on their own. He's been coding for 17 years and has worked extensively in Python, Java, C#, C++, JavaScript and more.

Ben Reinhardt
Ben Reinhardt
Entrepreneur-in-Residence | Entrepreneur First

Ben is currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Entrepreneur First, where he helps people build deep tech companies from scratch. His long-term goal is to build new systems for turning science fiction into reality. He moved to Singapore in 2019 from San Francisco where he worked at a VC firm, started a robotics company, and did product and deep learning at Magic Leap. He has degrees in Space Robotics from Cornell and History and Mechanical engineering from Caltech. On the internet you can find him on Twitter (@Ben_Reinhardt) or