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Data at Marfeel: Addressing Complexity at Scale with the Latest Technologies

Alessandro Pregnolato Alessandro Pregnolato | Head of Data | Marfeel

Every ad impression you get served undergoes a complicated process of rules.

Deep optimization strategies determine that this is the ad that is most relevant to you, at this time, and on this website.

At Marfeel, we optimize over 4 billion of these ad impressions, every month. Massive amounts of data are generated as a result.

At this scale, the use of typical analytics tools isn't economically viable. Hence we transcended the traditional infrastructure and created something new.

As the Head of Data, building both the infrastructure and the team at Typeform and now Marfeel, I'll share how we bypassed the traditional approach to build a new solution that can cope with data complexities of this scale.

From this talk, you'll learn how to use technology to create a unique and specific BI infrastructure that gives Data Accessibility across an entire organization, at any scale.

Alessandro Pregnolato
Alessandro Pregnolato
Head of Data | Marfeel

Alessandro Pregnolato is the Head of Data at Marfeel and former Director of Analytics at Typeform. He spent the past 15 years deploying BI architectures and building Analytics teams for numerous organizations.