In this talk, we'll provide an overview of Dremio and Arrow, and outline how projects like Pandas are utilizing Arrow to achieve high performance data processing and interoperability across systems.

We'll then show how companies can utilize Arrow to enable users to access and analyze data across disparate data sources without having to physically consolidate it into a centralized data repository. Finally, we'll discuss the 12-month roadmap of Apache Arrow, including Arrow Kernels, an exciting area of development in the Arrow community.

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Jacques Nadeau

Co-founder & CTO | Dremio

Jacques is currently co-founder and CTO of YapMap.com, a Visual Search & Discovery Engine for the social web. Jacques is an industry veteran with over 15 years of Internet technology experience. Prior to leading the technology efforts at YapMap, he was Director of Product with Quigo (acquired by AOL in 2007). Previously he led product development efforts at Offermatica (now part of Omniture/Adobe) and built the Avenue A | Razorfish analytics technology and services practice. Jacques has a B.A. from Pomona College.

Jacques Nadeau