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Creating the Right Developer Community for Your Company

Wesley Faulkner Wesley Faulkner | Sr Community Manager | AWS

If you have a developer platform, community is a critical factor for success. However, understanding the best approach for building and nurturing a community can be difficult, as there are many different options to consider. In this session, we will explore the various types of communities and discuss how to determine the most suitable one for your company at various stages of growth. Whether you are looking to double down on your current community or expand to new platforms, I'll provide the guidance you'll need to make informed decisions about building a strong and effective community.

Wesley Faulkner
Wesley Faulkner
Sr Community Manager | AWS

Wesley Faulkner is a first-generation American, public speaker, and podcaster. He is a founding member of the government transparency group Open Austin and a staunch supporter of racial justice, workplace equity, and neurodiversity. His professional experience spans technology from AMD, Atlassian, Dell, IBM, and MongoDB. Wesley co-hosts the developer relations focused podcast Community Pulse and serves on the board for SXSW.