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Creating Self Service, High Velocity Data Cultures

DeVaris Brown DeVaris Brown | CEO | Meroxa

The most innovative companies have learned to leverage their data platform as a competitive advantage in all facets of business. Teams are supplied with the data they need with high confidence to solve problems and meet their stakeholders' needs. Sound like the holy grail? In this talk, you'll learn what processes, platforms, and personnel are needed to transform your data culture from centralized ad-hoc analysis to self-service, proactive insights, and universally loved features.

DeVaris Brown
DeVaris Brown
CEO | Meroxa

DeVaris Brown is the CEO and co-founder of Meroxa, a data application platform as a service that enables engineers to solve problems that leverage streaming data with code. Before founding Meroxa, DeVaris was a product leader at Twitter, Heroku, VSCO, and Zendesk. When he’s not sitting in front of a computer, you can find DeVaris behind a camera capturing moments in time, over a hot stove whipping up the finest delicacies, or behind a set of turntables, moving a sea of people through music.