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Computer Vision in Space

Marco Bressan Marco Bressan | Chief Data Scientist | Satellogic

Addressing some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as providing food or distributing energy for nine billion people without depleting resources, requires measuring, assessing and understanding the impact of the different solutions we have at hand. We need a sort of Fitbit for the planet to assess and improve its health. Low-cost satellites are a novel, cost-effective and non-intrusive way to capture real-time planet-scale data.

This data, coupled with the most recent advances in artificial intelligence, can provide actionable information for companies and governments. This new data sources also raise new research challenges, with huge potential social impact. In this talk we will show through concrete examples how we are already solving problems on the Earth by sending AI to space.

Marco Bressan
Marco Bressan
Chief Data Scientist | Satellogic

Marco is the Chief Data Scientist in Satellogic where he currently builds a global geo-information analytics platform and develops solutions for a broad range of sectors. Prior to this, as BBVA's Chief Data Scientist and Global Head of Data, Marco led the bank’s efforts to become a data-driven organization. Marco was also Chief Innovation Officer for Xerox Corporation where he developed smart sensor systems and real-time urban analytics solutions. As a researcher he has published over 30 scientific articles and holds 11 patents. In 2017 he was awarded the Digital Masters Award for Excellence in Transformational Use of Data.