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CockroachDB: Architecture of a Geo-Distributed SQL Database

Nathan VanBenschoten Nathan VanBenschoten | Staff Software Engineer | Cockroach Labs

In this talk, Nathan VanBenschoten, an engineer at Cockroach Labs, will speak to the architecture of an open-source, geo-distributed, SQL database. The talk will be a whirlwind tour of CockroachDB’s internals, covering the usage of Raft for consensus, the challenges of data distribution, distributed transactions, distributed SQL execution, and distributed SQL optimizations.

Nathan VanBenschoten
Nathan VanBenschoten
Staff Software Engineer | Cockroach Labs

Nathan VanBenschoten joined Cockroach Labs four years ago as a Software Engineer focusing on the performance of CockroachDB's transaction, replication, and persistence layers. Prior to Cockroach Labs, he was a member of the Google-Wide Profiling team, working on Google's continuous profiling infrastructure.