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Cloud-Based Practices for Effective Data Science at Scale

Tiago Henriques Tiago Henriques | Technical Specialist - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Microsoft

Machine Learning in the Cloud should provide scale and agility for any data science team and deliver more actionable business insights.

In this session we will cover several practices and patterns leveraging Microsoft Azure Machine Learning that many enterprises adopt to run large scale Advanced Analytics.

We will focus on a technical level looking at several tips and solutions from interactive experimentation, automated machine learning up to fully automated production deployment leveraging MLOps concept with an end-to-end architecture perspective.

Tiago Henriques
Tiago Henriques
Technical Specialist - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Microsoft

Tiago Henriques is an AI/ML Technical Specialist at Microsoft where he works with multiple large companies across Europe by helping them to design and build AI solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure platform. Previously he worked as Data Analytics and AI Architect for global companies mainly in the Retail/CPG industry. Before joining Microsoft Tiago was also CTO of Opscaling and also worked for Amazon Web Services as Solutions Architect with startups and companies of all sizes. Tiago is also a frequent speaker and teacher on AI/ML architecture and technical topics.