Building the Open Data Lakehouse

Jeremey Goldberg , Director, Solution Architect | Dremio
Sharon Elkayam, Solutions Architect | Dremio

Data consumers need data for BI and analytics to make business decisions. But for most organizations, their current data infrastructure isn’t keeping up with demand. Developing analytics and getting them into production takes weeks to months, and data tied to proprietary formats makes it difficult to support different types of analytics, such as BI and data science. Data teams struggle with brittle data pipelines, stale data, slow turnaround, and increasing costs. A data lakehouse built on an open data architecture enables data users to access data in their data lake directly via SQL queries, simplifies complexity, and makes life easier for data teams. In this hands-on lab, learn why more organizations are moving their analytics and BI to an open data lakehouse and how you can build a successful lakehouse strategy.


Jeremey  Goldberg

Director, Solution Architect | Dremio

Jeremy Goldberg is a passionate pre-sales leader who thrives on helping companies realize the value of data. As Director of Solution Architecture at Dremio, Jeremy and his team aid companies in executing their cloud strategies, focused on building open data architectures. Jeremy spent years as an analyst for large and small companies, giving him insight into the pain experienced when productizing data. He joined Dremio after 6 years at Alteryx where he empowered teams of all skills levels to be data-driven. When Jeremy isn't wrangling data, he is wrangling his 2 boys, mostly unsuccessfully.

Jeremey  Goldberg


Sharon Elkayam

Solutions Architect | Dremio

Sharon Elkayam is a Principal Solutions Architect at Dremio bringing more than 20 years of experience in big data technologies. Prior to Dremio Sharon held senior field engineering positions at companies like Palantir Technologies, MongoDB and Pivotal/Greenplum, leading the design of complex solutions architectures with customers all over the globe. Outside of work Sharon enjoys traveling with his family (4 kids + chihuahua dog) - in their most recent summer trip to Yellowstone he drove 4500 miles in 16 days crossing 8 states, and hearing 1274 times “are we there yet?!”

Sharon Elkayam