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Building Resilient Machine Learning Pipelines with IoT Data

Hedi Razavi Hedi Razavi | Co-Founder & COO | Keewi

Keewi’s machine learning pipeline is built on our network of connected IoT infrastructure of smart plugs and hubs. Like any other physical system, IoT networks can behave in surprising ways, which present unique challenges for downstream ML development. IoT oddities can stem from user behavior, network connectivity changes, and the accuracy of the sensors themselves. We’ll discuss tools that Keewi uses to minimize expected challenges and our strategies in preparing for unexpected ones.

Hedi Razavi
Hedi Razavi
Co-Founder & COO | Keewi

Hedi Razavi is the co-founder and COO of Keewi, a fast-growing and mission-driven company bringing self-driving buildings into reality. Keewi is creating the world's first and only optimization tool for devices plugged into the outlets, and in the company's short history, Keewi has worked with leading institutions such as Stanford, SFO, MasterCard, Levi's and the Los Angeles Unified School District.