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Building Data Products with Machine Learning at Zendesk

Chris Hausler Chris Hausler | Senior Manager, Data Science | Zendesk

At Zendesk we care deeply about customer experience and we believe we can build better experiences using Machine Learning. We’ve been on a journey over the past years, shipping Machine Learning powered products and growing a multidisciplinary team of excellent engineers, data scientists, designers and product managers. This talk will focus on the technical challenges we've faced, what we've learnt along the way and the successful approaches we’ve taken to make this a somewhat repeatable process.

Chris Hausler
Chris Hausler
Senior Manager, Data Science | Zendesk

Chris Hausler leads the Data Science team at Zendesk where he has spent the last few years building out the team and building customer facing AI products. Previously he's held the titles of data scientist, data engineer, researcher, student, consultant, programmer and before that student again. Through all these roles the single continuous theme has been a deep interest in data and the stories it can tell.