Since data is becoming a competitive and strategic asset in many organizations, it's important to build teams that are able to do Data Engineering. Throughout my career at Spotify and Datadog I've hired many data engineers and built multiple teams. In this talk we'll look at how I helped build Data Engineering teams over the years and what common patterns there are for doing so. I'll share my real-life experience about how organizational decisions influence infrastructure, how to deal with staffing and what strategies can be employed to build high performing teams. After hearing this talk you'll walk away with ideas on how to build strong teams that build sustainable data-driven products and infrastructure.

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Wouter de Bie

Director of Engineering | Datadog

Wouter de Bie is Director of Engineering at Datadog. After studying computer science he started as a freelance developer. From 2011 to 2018 he worked at Spotify, first in Stockholm and later in New York. During his time at Spotify he has been in management, architecture and director roles through which he was involved in building Spotify’s data infrastructure as well as building high-performing teams. Now, he's doing similar things at Datadog in New York.

Wouter de Bie