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Building a Modern Machine Learning Platform on Kubernetes

Saurabh Bajaj Saurabh Bajaj | Software Engineer | Lyft

The last few years have been transormative for the state of machine learning and AI. This talk goes into details of the ML Platform.

In this talk, Saurabh talks about engineering decisions involved in building Lyft's machine learning infrastruture. Lyft ML Platform provides tools to accelerate model development, training and serving. Lyft runs it's ML infra on top of kubernetes, providing a solid execution engine for batch and spiky workloads that are generally common in machine leanrning.

Saurabh Bajaj
Saurabh Bajaj
Software Engineer | Lyft

Saurabh Bajaj is a software engineer and tech lead on Lyft's Machine learning Platform. ML Platform builds out systems for acclerating ML development, training and serving of models. Prior to Lyft, Saurabh worked at Instagram and Facebook.