B2B sales are inherently relationship driven. For sellers, building empathy and trust with the buyers is central to achieving successful outcomes. However, this human aspect of the job is what makes sales cycles long and uncertain - resulting in tremendous loss of sales productivity. In this talk, we will explore ways to leverage data to accelerate sales. Specifically, we will use a product lens to understand unique value a data product can deliver, go over some of the challenges in building a scalable platform that reliably delivers the value, and outline potential barriers to broad adoption. Throughout the talk, we will draw on our experience building such a platform on LinkedIn’s production tech stack that measurably improves performance of our sales force.

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Durgam Vahia

Product Manager | LinkedIn

Durgam is a principal product manager leading LinkedIn’s sales intelligence platform called Merlin. Merlin’s core function is to deliver right data insight to the right rep at the right time in order to improve sales productivity. Prior to LinkedIn, Durgam co-founded and led a predictive search company from an initial idea to a revenue-generating business that caters to sales and customer support functions in enterprises. Prior to that, Durgam led engineering and product teams at Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Durgam received his MBA from UC Berkeley and MS from UMass Amherst.

Durgam Vahia