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Building a better world with AI, one architectural drawing at a time

Ron Green Ron Green | CTO | mbue
Jean-Pierre  Trou Jean-Pierre Trou | CEO | mbue

We build $1.4 trillion worth of structures annually in the United States. While the construction industry is massive and highly competitive, it still relies on old and outdated ways of doing things. And like every other market, AI/ML is emerging as a viable tool for augmenting and evolving architecture and engineering practices.

Mbue uses advanced computer vision and NLP technologies to read and understand architectural and technical drawings, catch flaws and other mistakes that cause delays and costly fixes, and ultimately automate the quality control process. Learn how we approach this complex problem, what we're doing to solve it, and where we're going next. 

Ron Green
Ron Green
CTO | mbue

Ron is a serial tech entrepreneur and expert in artificial intelligence. He's built several successful companies and worked in telecommunications, biotechnology, e-commerce, social media, and healthcare. Ron is co-founder and CTO of mbue, which is developing AI-based quality control tools for the architectural review process. Ron also co-founded KUNGFU.AI, an AI consultancy that helps companies build and deploy AI and machine learning solutions. Prior to KUNGFU.AI, Ron was CEO and founder of Thrive Technologies (acquired by CLOUD), ran software development at Ziften Technologies, Powered (acquired by Dachis Group), and Visible Genetics (acquired by Bayer). Ron holds an MSc with Distinction in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex, and a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas.

Jean-Pierre  Trou
Jean-Pierre  Trou
CEO | mbue

Jean Pierre Trou is a Peruvian-American Tech and Business Entrepreneur and Award Winning Architect. His passion for innovation and design, and entrepreneurial spirit has led him to start and lead companies that shared a common vision of improving the built environment. Jean Pierre is the CEO and co-founder of mbue, a SaaS AI-First company focused on saving time, money and reducing liability for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies with automated quality control tools. mbue's web-based application utilizes Artificial Intelligence to instantly review technical drawings. Think “autocorrect” for construction documents. Jean Pierre is also the Founding Principal of Runa Workshop, an award winning Architecture and Interior design firm, and Founding Partner at Vaast, a real estate company, all based in Austin, Texas. Jean Pierre holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from UPC in Lima, Peru and a Masters of Architecture in Design and Theory from the University of Texas at Austin.