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Behind the Curtain: What it Takes to Support the World's Most Popular Open Source Communities

Katrina Riehl Katrina Riehl | President of Board of Directors | NumFOCUS

In this talk, I will walk you through the structure of NumFOCUS, our programs, our challenges, and our vision for a sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant open source community. WIth over 50 sponsored projects and 60 affiliated projects, including some of the world's most popular open source projects like NumPy, Scipy, Jupyter, and Pandas, the community's impact within academia, government, and business is immeasurable. Learn about the organization of NumFOCUS, its structure, funding, and programs and how we use them to support the projects. We will deep dive on sustainability endeavors, including diversity and inclusion, and how you can get involved in the NumFOCUS community.

Katrina Riehl
Katrina Riehl
President of Board of Directors | NumFOCUS

Dr. Katrina Riehl is President of the Board of Directors at NumFOCUS, Head of the Streamlit Data Team at Snowflake, and Adjunct Lecturer at Georgetown University. For almost two decades, Katrina has worked extensively in the fields of scientific computing, machine learning, data mining, and visualization. Most notably, she has helped lead data science efforts at the University of Texas Austin Applied Research Laboratory, Apple, HomeAway (now, Vrbo), and Cloudflare.