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An Open Semantic Layer with Cube

Pavel Tiunov Pavel Tiunov | CTO & Co-Founder | Cube Dev

In the so-called “modern data stack”, there has been a proliferation of data sources and data consumers, as well as an increase in the demand for role-specific data applications. This creates the niche for a semantic layer: a component that enables universal access to data coming from any source organizes it into semantic definitions, and delivers it to every application.

In this workshop, we’ll have a hands-on experience with Cube, an open-source semantic layer (, with a fully managed cloud platform ( We’ll build an end-to-end semantic layer experience, surfacing the metrics from the data warehouse through a semantic layer all the way down to a BI tool, a data notebook, and a custom-built data app. We’ll also do a deep dive into Cube’s architecture and see how its data modeling, caching, access control, and API layers work.

You’ll build a complete understanding of what to expect from a semantic layer and how one would fit into your data pipelines.

Pavel Tiunov
Pavel Tiunov
CTO & Co-Founder  | Cube Dev

Pavel Tiunov is the CTO and Co-Founder of Cube Dev and the original author of Cube. Before Cube, he was a Co-founder & CTO of Statsbot. Pavel spent over 15 years leading engineering teams, building analytics solutions and business intelligence tools. He also holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science.