With the rise of Big Data, log data has become exceedingly valuable. It underpins the analytical capabilities of virtually any Big Data company. How do you make the best use of this trove of data though? This talk delves into why logs are so valuable, how they differ from other kinds of data, and summarizes the technologies that are commonly used for building log processing pipelines.

Liz Bennett

Data Platform Engineer | Stitch Fix

Liz Bennett has specialized in the realm of Big Data and infrastructure since 2013. She got her start working on the News Feed at LinkedIn, then moved on to Loggly, a popular Saas based log management company where she was an integral member of their infrastructure team building out their massive log processing pipeline. Now, she works as an Engineer on Stitch Fix's Compute Infrastructure team where she is leading efforts to expand Stitch Fix's streaming and log data capabilities.

Liz Bennett