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AI farming: 100x the yield with a data team of 1

Sam Swift Sam Swift | Head of Data & AI | Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming is building and operating the world's most technologically advanced indoor vertical farms. Our farms combine robotics, hyper-granular sensing & control, computer vision, and machine learning to reduce water use by 95% and increase yield by 100x compared to traditional agriculture.

For the last year we have pursued the data-centric approach to agriculture with a data-eng / analytics / ML team of ... 1. Thanks to the amazing progress in cloud infrastructure and open source warehouse tools, we've been able to prove the value of these systems before hiring the full team to dig deeper.

Our software architecture is built around streaming event data and our stack includes AWS SQS, Kinesis Firehose, and Redshift with data modeled in dbt and shared internally with Mode. Our production data products use python, R, H2O, TensorFlow, and Google's OR-Tools. I'll describe how we use these tools to build data infrastructure which is lightweight yet scalable, adaptable yet reliable.

Sam Swift
Sam Swift
Head of Data & AI | Bowery Farming

Sam leads Data & AI at Bowery Farming. Prior to joining Bowery, Sam was head of data science at Betterment, working to optimize and automate retail investing. He’s also worked in behavioral economics and geopolitical forecasting for the US intelligence community. No matter the domain, Sam enjoys building teams to bring together data, software, and scientific thinking to move the business forward. Sam holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University where he studied behavioral economics.