Ingesting data from thousands of data sources, millions of schemas, billions of files, and trillions of rows is a monumental task that has created massive inefficiencies across the financial services industry. It is an exciting challenge that every large bank and institutional investor has sought to solve for themselves.

As the first industry utility created to address this challenge, Crux has built some of the most scalable data ingestion processes, agile architecture and robust operations team that have enabled it to process data at incredible scale. We have built integrations to some of the largest technology platforms and signed some of the largest data supplier and consumer partners.

Crux's CTO will share some of the company's best practices in building its solution. In particular he will share some of Crux's architecture and skillset requirements to execute itsoffering at scale.

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Mark Etherington

CTO | Crux Informatics

Crux's CTO Mark Etherington brings a wealth of technology experience from leadership roles at J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Thomson Reuters. Before joining Crux, he was the Global Head of Trading Technology at Refinitiv.

Mark Etherington