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A Trillion Rows Per Second as a Foundation for Interactive Analytics

Eric Hanson Eric Hanson | Principal Product Manager | MemSQL

To push the frontier of real-time insight, MemSQL and Intel worked together to run a single analytical SQL query at over a trillion rows per second scan rate. The ability to do a query at this speed was based on the MemSQL compiled, vectorized and SIMD-based query execution technology, and a cluster with 18 Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 Processors with 28 cores each.

We’ll discuss the level of concurrency and response time that’s now possible, and how data architects can use it to create business value through fast and accurate decision-making at any scale.

Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson
Principal Product Manager | MemSQL

Experienced engineering leader, developer, technical program manager and researcher, with expertise in planning, designing and building systems software for data management, data warehousing, operational analytics, big data, and streaming/alerting. Experience planning and prioritizing features for releases, and recruiting, interviewing and hiring candidates. Track record of making big things happen, including starting a company and introducing and shipping release-defining and industry-changing features.