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A Quick Tour of the Orchest OSS project

Rick  Lamers Rick Lamers | CEO and Co-Founder | Orchest

This talk will consist of a quick live demo walkthrough to teach the audience what it’s like to create a data pipeline in Orchest. Orchest lets data scientists easily build data pipelines by abstracting away technical details around cloud infrastructure, storage, containers, dependency management, networking, deployments, and scheduling. Through its GUI and Notebook-based pipelines it provides an accessible workbench that empowers data scientists to go from idea to deployed data pipelines without having to step outside of the Orchest platform. Orchest is a nascent open source project and is still learning from the community and their user base. Under the hood they leverage OSS projects like Apache Arrow, JupyterLab, the Jupyter Enterprise Gateway, Celery and more.

Rick  Lamers
Rick  Lamers
CEO and Co-Founder | Orchest

Rick Lamers is the CEO and Co-Founder of Orchest, a new kind of data science IDE.  Previously, Rick worked as a freelance Data Scientist and is the creator of Grid Studio, a popular open-source project that became viral with 5,000 + GitHub Stars within the first few weeks of its release. Rick studied for a MSc. in Computer Science at TU Delft, when he left to create Orchest with Co-Founder Yannick Perrenet. He previously earned an MBA from Erasmus University in 2017.